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A Thought for Mothering Sunday

Midwife Grace teaches Zainabu to care for Yasini. I am in a position of privilege. I was born at a healthy weight, by caesarian section, in a clean, safe and warm theatre of the old Warneford Hospital, Royal Leamington Spa, in 1984. My mother, although 42, was safe throughout the procedure. As was I. With Mothering Sunday approaching, amid all of its cheap CDs of songs our mums all already own, cards from service stations and flowers that last until Monday morning, and with my own thoughts turning to my trip to East Africa in less than a week, we should think not only of our own families, but also of those in a less fortunate position to ourselves - especially mothers in the third world. After attending the Save the Children Born to Write Blogging Conference  I received an email talking about a report that the charity had commissioned. The report, entitled Missing Midwives , brings into sharp focus the extreme danger that up to 48 million women face annually by giving birth witho