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White South Africans Joining the BNP?

Occasionally, when getting on the tube at Wimbledon, I like to vary my early morning reading by picking up a copy of City AM or The South African - both of which are relatively well-written papers, especially when compared to the likes of the Metro. Today, when I picked up my copy of The South African, I was stunned to see the headline 'UK Saffers Flocking to the BNP?' The use of the question mark in the headline perhaps indicates that the publication is itself unsure of whether or not this is true, so what is it based around? The article seems based around the Cape Times' assumption that voting the British National Party, a "far-right party", would better "suit [South African ex-pats'] traditional South African values". The South African goes on to quote from anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, saying that many with a history of hate crimes in South African have joined or contributed to the BNP. Included amongst these is "Arthur K

Watercolour Doodling

This is my first attempt at playing with watercolours. If you look closely then hopefully you'll notice that it is the view from the top of a cliff, looking out to sea at sunset. It's not great, but no artist am I. It was done by colouring a pencil sketch with watercolour pencils, a cup of redbush tea and my right index finger. Click the centre of the image to enlarge.

Razzi's Mint Tea

Razzi had the idea on Thursday night to provide her workmates with some 'Homemade Mint Tea'. In my head, if someone says mint tea I expect dried leaves in a, perhaps, circular little bag. Not so Razzi. For when she says "mint tea" she means putting a load of fresh mint, picked from her back garden, into a mug of hot water - in my case with a little sugar for good measure.  It sounds a weird concept; something that Ray Mears might do in lieu of tea bags, but it worked. After a few minutes to allow the leaves to infuse, the tea was drinkable and lovely with it. Noises of general satisfaction abounded and for Razzi, Petros, Jenny and myself the weekend had begun. The picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.