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Showing posts from August, 2008

Day at The Oval

On my first Saturday in London I decided to do the only think that made any sense; I went to watch the cricket. Living where I do now, in Thornton Heath, I headed down to my local ground, the magnificent BritOval in Kennington.  This weekend Surrey were playing Sussex in the County Championship and the match was set at one point to perhaps be Surrey's first win of the season. Alas, it wasn't to be as Sussex stayed in bat and got a draw. The main reason for going, other than seeing Mark Ramprakash batting, was simply just to say that I'd been. The weather was beautiful, but Ramps was out before I even got to the ground. Damn it! The heat and the Scrumpy made the afternoon something special and the atmosphere was exceptionally lively for that of a four-day game. If I'm lucky I'll catch another match before the end of the season.

An Old Wheel

Mum has taken to selling her homemade produce to farm shops. So far it has turned out to be a modestly profitable enterprise. On one of her latest sales runs to the ramshackle Mickleton Nurseries Farm Shop, near the village of Mickleton, Glos, I took my camera along and found an old wheel I liked the look of.  Clicking on the picture will enlarge it.

A Forgotten Gem

Whilst on the way down to Dorset for a camping holiday (Taffstock 2008: On Tour) a song came on the radio that neither myself or my driver, Chris Jones, had heard for a long time. The song in question had a fantastically positive effect on the pair of us as the dawn sunshine began to get hotter and hotter. This song was Sunchyme by Dario G. It is well worth another listen if you haven't heard it for a while. Needless to say I got straight onto iTunes upon my return to civilisation to download it.

Camping in a Wood

Early on Friday morning, whilst camping with friends at our annual Taffstock event, I grabbed my camera and made the most of the sunshine breaking through the trees. Although the weather was good for all of the holiday, on this particular day the weather was very hot. A few hours after this photo was taken we would all be sunning ourselves on the beach at Studland and, believe it or not, swimming in the sea.

Monsoon Season Hits Warwick

There is this weird thing that bugs me—I can be a very particular, even peculiar person at times. This thing comes about when you speak to a fellow Warwickian who no longer lives in Warwick—a Warwickian expat if you will. Upon meeting a said expat, one often finds themself being greeted with the line "... and how is sunny Warwick?" Sunny Warwick? I've never heard people refer to anywhere else I have come into contact with as sunny wherever, it seems it is a purely Warwick phenomenon. I have never heard the names Sunny Cambridge, Sunny Oxford, Sunny Farnham, nor Sunny Croydon uttered by a single soul. Of course, I may be wrong. Anyway, it finally dawned on me today why Warwickians say this. It would appear that it is just a very clichéd use of irony as when it rains in Warwick—which it does regularly—it really rains. So after all of those years of thinking no-one from Warwick understood irony it would appear that I was wrong. Needless to s