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Is this the most beautiful song ever?

Hoppí­polla by Sigur Rós When I first heard this song on the advert for BBC's Planet Earth series I thought it was taken from a song by Athlete or someone of that kind. Little did I know that it was actually by an artists that I thought was a hip-hop artist - no nothing of Sigur Rós! Anyway I just had to download the song to see if it sustained its majesty throughout. The answer is simple - yes it does. I think that judging by the understated melody and the power of the instrumentation this may possibly be the most beautiful song ever written. With the song being sung in (presumably) Icelandic I haven't a clue what the song is about, but perhaps this innocence of the ear contributes to its beauty. If you haven't experienced Hoppí­polla yet, get yourself to iTunes!