Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beach Huts, Southwold, Suffolk

Sleeping beach huts on Southwold Beach, Suffolk.
Safely back from my annual visit to Rotterdam, my parents invited me to spend a few days with them in a small holiday cottage in Southwold, Suffolk. Give or take driving through Newmarket a few years back when studying at Anglia Ruskin University, I'd never really seen much of the county.

Southwold itself is a beautiful seaside resort which happens to be the home of Adnams, a well known brewery, which means that for a small place there are a healthy number of pubs - suddenly Dad's choice of location made sense.

On the early afternoon of Wednesday 20th February I took a walk to the Harbour Inn to meet my parents for lunch. The pub was just under two miles away from Grace Cottage, where we were staying. This gave me the opportunity to take some pictures of the sea.

On our way towards the see we also spotted Georgie Glen from Waterloo Road humming happily to herself on the High Street.

Southwold is lovely, photogenic and friendly in the iciness of February, so one can only imagine how nice it is in the warmth of summer.

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