Saturday, January 05, 2013

Borough Market, London

A bright display of tomatoes at Turnips, Borough Market.
Borough Market in Southwark, London, is a fantastic place to visit whether you are buying anything or not. The vast array of fresh produce and foodstuffs from all over the UK and Europe makes for a mouth-watering walk when heading in the direction of Southbank from London Bridge, as I was on Friday 2nd November with my parents.

Borough Market claims to trace its origins as far back as 1014 and has been in its current location and guise since 1755. Nowadays it operates as wholesale throughout the week and as a retail market towards the latter half of each week.

Usually I only linger around the stalls with cheese and saucisson sec, but as I headed past a stall called Turnips, I was shocked at the countless different types and colours of tomatoes on display. Other than making a very colourful salad, I'm not sure what one would do with them all, but they looked fantastic on display.

Granted, Borough Market isn't the kind of place you'd head to in search of a £1 bowl of fruit or veg or a cheap stilton, but you do get the sense you're buying something different and interesting when you shop there.

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