Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Les Journaux Africains: Byoona Amagara, Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda - 13.30 12/04/2010

Karambo. Photo © 2010, Zertashia Hussein.
After the hilarious mystery of the alleged tribal drumming and incantations had been solved - a Sunday school group and some midnight praying respectively - the pace of proceedings slowed right down yesterday. The students were satisfied with talking to teachers, talking to each other, or falling out with each other, albeit not terminally. Some made use of the dodgy internet, others chose the jetty from which to watch the moon and stars.

I opted, after my freshly landed crayfish curry, to sit and do nothing of great value. I also decided on an early night.

As it was, I have woken up with ridiculously severe sunburn across my shoulders - a small oversight not to reapply sun-cream whilst playing cricket, following a swim.

Most of our group have today headed over to another island to a school - it is Monday after all, although I quite literally don't know what day of the week it is. The purpose of their island-hop is to visit Karambo Primary School. Greg and Jeff had been before last summer and had promised to return with visitors and fresh ideas in conjunction with their Riza Group initiative.

I have, due to my sunburn and a lack of gluten-free snack foods, decided to stay at Byoona Amagara with Raj and a handful if students - one of which has been fainting a lot due to low iron.

Raj and myself have been having a detailed discussion about what happens next with regards the partnership, seeking charitable status and who will lead the trip in 2011 as Raj is getting married.

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