Thursday, March 03, 2011

Les Journaux Africains: Byoona Amagara, Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda - 13.01 11/04/2010

The beautiful Lake Bunyonyi. Photo © 2009, the author.
A very quiet night's sleeps was had by most of us, although I wake up to a variety of strange tales. Some of these I will, for a number of reasons, retain only temporally.

The most bizarre tales that I have heard this morning relate to some sources hearing what sounded like chanting in the night. Now, upon first thinking of this, I figured that they meant the chanting of silly boys and girls - our students. This appears not to be the case though.

At around three or four in the morning, female voices could be heard engaging in something akin to spiritual incantations. This lasted for around fifteen solid minutes with no one sure how near or far the voices were. 

Other claims relate to early morning 'tribal' drumming. Maybe we've all been out in the sun too long.

The Ugandan staff and students leave us soon to return to Kigezi High School. What a night.

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