Monday, February 14, 2011

Les Journaux Africains: Green Hills Hotel, Kabale, Uganda - 07.01 10/04/2010

'Knotted Tree' - © 2009, the author.
It is Saturday morning and the busy week that has passed me by already is manifesting itself on my face! I have the look of a very tired teacher - anyone who thinks that our time in Uganda is a stroll in the park is sorely mistaken.

Matt also seems to be suffering a little bit this morning. Having had me as a roommate all week, with the added consequence of me having woken him up at silly o'clock every morning, he is now making the most of Saturday morning to snore away to his heart's content. He even slept through the clattering of me attempting to pack my bags.

Lake Bunyonyi is now beckoning us where the cool water, combined with the detachment from civilisation, is possibly the most restful place that any soul can visit in this life.

Before we set off to the lake we have one last mission - the training morning at Kigezi High School. This year the whole event is being organised by the Ugandan teachers. I am very much looking forward to it.

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