Friday, January 14, 2011

Les Journaux Africains: Green Hills Hotel, Kabale, Uganda - 09:00 08/04/2010

The expression 'Street Children' conjures up some interesting mental images and, indeed, some very sad mental images - ragged clothes, dirty faces, et cetera.

After one of his solo visits to Uganda, Greg found a small centre called Restore Lost Hope (RLH), just opposite the Little Ritz, in Kabale town centre. The purpose of RLH is to provide some sort of learning space for children whose parents, if they have any, can't afford to pay for education and so would otherwise be left to roam the streets of Kabale until they were old enough to get a job.

This morning, we - a group of teachers, students and Grace, who will be acting as my interpreter - are heading down to the centre, not really knowing what to expect, or how things will work out.

Myself, Tash and Hanka did some preliminary planning a few weekends back, involving a carousel of different activities. I'll be dealing with Storytelling and who knows what will happen.

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