Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Les Journaux Africains: Green Hills Hotel, Kabale, Uganda - 18.02 06/04/2010

The end of the first school day seemed to beckon the sunshine for brief super-hot cameo following an afternoon of intermittent heavy showers.

Although there is always the option of a lovely walk home from KHS, I opted for the services of a boda-boda - Uganda's answer to both a taxi and a rollercoaster.

With the ground drying rapidly and the air full of steam, a group of mechanical buzzing hornets appeared in the distance, at first only audibly, before coming into view coughing there way up the hill in a cloud of very toxic-looking smoke.

I have taken boda-bodas before, and many of the students had used on to get up the hill from the nursery school to Green Hills yesterday after the ice-breaking activities, but this doesn't come near to the thrill of going down a long, winding, bumpy and well-populated road from school into town.

After the noise of their ascent, the chilling silence of the coasting boda-bodas, punctuated only by the rattles of the frame during the descent is unnerving.

I would love to capture the journey on video, and if it was my dad at the controls I probably would, but here I simply hang on for dear life to the grip handles and/or my cowboy hat.

The hairpin bend halfway down the hill, with its high vantage point and slight banking, commands beautiful views over the lush green valley towards Green Hills, but there is barely time to notice it!

Tonight, Grace and Ruth are coming to dinner at Green Hills and I'll try calling home from Uganda, with my Rwandan SIM card.

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