Monday, November 29, 2010

Les Journaux Africains: Staffroom, Kigezi High School, Kabale, Uganda - 10.15 06/04/2010

View through window of the boys' dorm.
This morning, of any year, is always the time of great exploration. After some initial, tentative contact with our Ugandan counterparts yesterday, today is all about getting your bearings and getting used to the day to day workings of Kigezi High School (KHS).

This morning, thus far, has been taken up with the Grand Tour of the KHS site - that time when you realise just how much space there is here in the compound with its sweeping views of the south-west Ugandan countryside. 

Despite being a regular feature at the school, when walking around, it is still surprising just how often we still get 'mzungued' - mainly in the form of people just stopping and staring.

The obligatory tour of Robert's chicken farm also took place this morning and yielded some surprises. In the year since our last visit, another chicken hut has appeared and, by all accounts, business is booming. Robert is  now not only selling his eggs around Kabale district, but is also now selling in neighbouring Kisoro district and is now exporting to the Democratic Republic of the Congo; although he confesses he doesn't drive them into the DRC himself.

Okay, so life isn't easy having to run a farm to supplement your income as a teacher, but I always see a lot of positives in this situation - a great view of slow moving mist in the mornings and the hyperactive dawn chorus unbroken by the chugging of ancient diesel engines. I always think that Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall would be a tad jealous if he were to see this farm.

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