Friday, November 19, 2010

Les Journaux Africains: Green Hills Hotel, Kabale, Uganda - 20.45 (EAT) 04/04/2010

And so it's the evening and we've finally reached Kabale after an agonising border crossing. The weather all of the way from Kigali to Gatuna/Katuna has been atrocious. The rain has bean so heavy that the bus was forced to roll along at a very slow speed, dodging the landslips as we went.

Road to Uganda: Peter and Liz.
The main factor in 'The Day of Great Delays' was the rather sweet decision of the Kigezi High School staff to come and meet us in the Rwandese capital. They all turned up in their Sunday best and were overjoyed to be out on a day trip.

Throughout the day I had been in regular contact with Grace, Charlotte and Sister Evangelista.

It was to my great astonishment that after months of email contact that, in a text message, Sr. Eva made a point of saying, "you must be very tired so I will stop for just two minutes."

I thought to myself, "only two minutes?" She may as well wait until tomorrow.

Upon walking down from my hotel room, running late for the 7pm rendezvous that, I was greeted by the sight of two Sisters sitting in a car. The strangeness of the sight was amplified by the dark shroud of the African night.

When I had located Sister Eva, she was talking to Peter about my whereabouts. She had with her a giant cake and presented it to me as her two fellow sisters popped out of the car and flanked her. The cake itself was iced with 'Happy Birthday Thomas' and was an exceptionally sweet gesture. This wasn't bad considering I had only met Eva for all of ten minutes the year before.

Around thirty minutes prior to Eva's arrival, Grace Kamusiime has arrived at Green Hills. She has changed a lot since leaving Kigezi. The most notable difference is definitely that the gone is the uniformly short-clipped hair of the female students and in is the more fashionable braids.

It was lovely to see her because she had been saving for months just to be able to come to Kabale and see the William Morris crew. She had also brought along with her a birthday gift of a picture frame with 'I Love You' written on it. I must admit I was concerned for a moment before she said that it was to put a picture of myself and my loved ones in.

Another birthday in Uganda, but the last for the foreseeable future.

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