Saturday, May 08, 2010

Unlocking Some Passion

It was refreshing to today see demonstrations in London. The subject of the protest was electoral reform and it was believed to consist of around 1,000 demonstrators at its peak.

Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of this was that of late it has become a real rarity to see a fully peaceful demonstration in London about anything at all. Over the years since the poll tax riots, it has seemed that the British have become apathetic to things that they feel are directly out of their control - it is, after all, easier to moan and be cynical than to actually act.

I always feel that the British just don't care enough when a particular issue riles them. In countries like Niger, when something really gets their goat, people get off their backsides and do something about it. In the case of Niger, the President had outstayed his mandate and the army, representing the interests of the constitution, took decisive action. I have been warned by my boss though that under military rule, following a coup d'état, teachers are always the first to get it. 

I'm not suggesting that every time someone disagrees with the government we should have a coup but some more passion would be nice.

So, getting back to my point, today's demonstration, whereby Unlock Democracy arrived outside the Lib Dem meeting, has been a breath of fresh air. It was well organised, peaceful, they arrived with a copy of their demands and a petition and successfully got Nick Clegg to leave the meeting and address the crowd.

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