Friday, May 07, 2010

A Peculiar Hush

It seems that, BBC News and Sky News excepted, there is a peculiar hush that has descended upon London. It is as if the public mood is somehow reflecting the political staticity that currently afflicts us as a result of the hung parliament situation.

The staffroom at work, the station platform, the tube train home; they all seemed as confused as perhaps Lord Mandelson was when Jeremy Paxman accused him of twittering whilst live on air.

Now that we are all aware of the situation, I can't help but think that the result of the election was the best result for the United Kingdom. I don't think that any of the parties deserve to govern outright. I also believe, in spite of my own personal political beliefs, that the Conservatives should not be given the free reign that an outright majority in parliament would afford them.

Granted, the lack of a majority in parliament means that things will take longer to happen, and granted, the markets supposedly don't like any form of political motionlessness, but what is the rush? The rolling news channels seem to be forcing the issue of who will join with who and when, but, again, why should such a thing be rushed.

We should allow the parties to agree terms and to take their time doing so because this will ultimately allow for a greater degree of stability in the long-term and surely the markets would like that.

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