Thursday, May 06, 2010

Meeting Shaun Bailey

I was walking home from work today, accompanied by three workmates, and we were discussion today's poll. The focus of our conversation was quite obviously based on the reports of the Conservative Party's decision to make some major cuts in the public sector; does this mean redundancies?

It was just our luck that stood outside of Baron's Court underground station was Shaun Bailey, the Conservative Party candidate for the new Hammersmith constituency. As my work mates moved ahead a few paces I decided to hang back and challenge Bailey with the rumours and to see whether teachers were for the chop.

His response seemed positive. So it is that with three of my colleagues as witnesses, he said the following which I will personally hold to account for should he be elected:

  • Conservatives will not be making teachers redundant as they are in high demand and are not considered as being part of the financial 'problem'.
  • Town Hall staff and 'some nursing staff' may find themselves at the mercy of efficiency measures.
  • Those in managerial positions in public sector roles may find themselves at the mercy of cuts.

Curiously, he also mentioned that it is likely that the Fox-Hunting ban would be repealed.

Regardless, Shaun Bailey, in spite of some of the criticism levied at him by my not so Tory-friendly workmates, he managed to come across as a very personable human being. I think that many may see his selection for the Conservatives as being a bit of a gimmick, a black man placed as a candidate in an area with a high percentage of ethnic minority groups, but I feel that, should he be elected, he could have a very long a fruitful political career ahead of him.

I do hope, for his sake, that he was not only right about teachers' jobs being protected, but that he stays true to his roots regardless of his selection for a very 'un-black' political party.

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