Friday, May 07, 2010

Labour Holding Ground

So having just woken up and looked at what's happening on BBC's Election 2010 programme, it appears that Labour have done a good job of holding their ground against not just the Conservatives, but the Lib Dems too. It has been confirmed that then that Andy Slaughter has won the Hammersmith seat - Hammersmith being where I work - and that Siobhan McDonagh has held her seat in Mitcham and Morden - where I live.

In reality, this doesn't surprise me too much. In spite of his hard campaigning Shaun Bailey, in Hammersmith, just couldn't deliver the result that the Conservatives wanted. The more I have spoken to people about him, the more cynicism I hear levied against him.

People, it would appear, seem skeptical of him not just because the ethnic minority-political party paradox, but also because of his demeanour being somewhat arrogant - although this arrogance did not make an appearance in our conversation. I still think that, given a safer seat to contest, he could still find himself further up the Conservative Party's food chain in a couple of year.

Regardless, the general pattern sees us moving towards confirmation of a hung parliament.

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