Friday, May 07, 2010

Just Hanging Around

An interesting night so far. I am about ready to put the MacBook down for the night so that I can rest and, maybe, get some sleep. I will try and stay awake for as long as physically possible, but I am more than likely to be asleep within an hour.

So, themes of the evening/night/early hours seem to be:

  • Issues involving ill-equipped polling stations, not least in Nick Clegg's constituency.
  • DUP leader loses 'very safe' seat to the Alliance Party.
  • Cameron unlikely to get an overall majority.
  • Conservatives yet to win a seat, but the swing is favourable.
  • Lib Dems maybe not as potent as we all thought or perhaps hoped.
  • The best party in town involves a boat, a camera, booze and Joan Collins.

I think that, having listened to all of this talk of uniformed swingers and Jeremy Vine wandering through a CGI wilderness, my dreams are going to very warped.

It'll be interesting to see what happens by the time I wake up - whatever time that may be.

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