Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Watercolour Doodling II: Carbis Bay

This was the second of my doodlings. I actually did this around the end of May and it is an imagined view of St Ives in Cornwall. I had just been there on holiday and the view is one that can be seen from the St Ives Branchline.

The picture is simple and not really a finished article at all and represents me fiddling around with watercolour pencils and trying to blend colours a little bit. I can't remember whether the band of blue at the top is meant to be the sky or whether it was just me trying to find a good sea colour.

I revisited this picture just before painting my imagined view of Saint Lucia and decided to rub-out some of the pencil sketch-lines. Having done this I realised that, although not technically wonderful, the painting wasn't as bad as I had remembered.

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