Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Saint Lucia Imagined

So, this is my first foray into painting with watercolours. I am still an absolute novice when it comes to painting, but I am, I think, getting slightly better. I have a tendency to use too much pencil when sketching out the basic image with the result being a 'muddy' patch - see the bottom left-hand corner.

That aside, the picture is based primarily on a scene that I imagined, but, when I came to sketching it, I had trouble with getting the sea in perspective. Luckily, a friend was in possession of a picture amongst her snaps that I was able to use to get the right colours and perspective.

Voila! Saint Lucia as imagined by me.


Anonymous said...

I like it! Should be at that myself

Anonymous said...

Simply tranquil. I felt warm for a moment. I didn't know the paint brush was one of your many friends, though water colour is a bit wishy washy for a rugby player.

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