Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Serve: Journey to a Partnership

It was on the bus ride back from Kabale, heading north towards Mbarara, that Grigorios made a point of saying that Jeff wanted a chat about a small project. Jeff's idea was record the journey that the 2009 traveling party took to Uganda, through his photographs and my words, as a gift for our Principal, Liz, who was retiring that summer.

Work started in earnest in May with Jeff working hard on creating a template for a book and editing some of his pictures to ensure that they were at their most vibrant when printed - in one particular picture he managed to completely remove a mac-wearing individual.

I chiseled away at my tablet, okay, I typed on my MacBook, and before long the words completed and dropped into place.

I am incredibly proud of the results. Jeff's great design skills really made the most of the book-making software and, as a consequence, there is a real sense of professionalism evident in the finished product.

The book is available for general sale via website, with the majority of the cost going towards the production and the excess going to the Partnership Fund. It is worth noting that myself and Jeff have not made a penny off this book and neither will we!

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