Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Uganda Diaries: The skies above Libya - 13.53 15/04/2009

Immediately after finishing my breakfast (a meal from the first class area of the plane consisting of steak, mushrooms, grilled tomato and scrambled egg) I decended into a deep sleep watching Russell Crowe in Master and Commander: Far Side of the World. It was the sleep I would have enjoyed last night!

Slightly re-energised, I have been reading Morality for Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith and listening to an Ethiopian dub collective called Dub Collosus and their album In a Town Called Addis.

I have an aisle seat this time and I'm already feeling the benefits - my backside isn't numb. I have Fran sat to my direct left, with Grigorios to her left. Fran has just fallen asleep and is twitching like there's no tomorrow. This twitching seems to alternate between punching me and stroking her arm in an awkward manner against my back - both a tad unpleasant.

My watch is still set to Ugandan time and the time it reads - around four minutes past two in the afternoon - turns my mind towards the Kigezi students and staff for whom the working week is in full swing. They would have started back yesterday, but so distracted was I with the day's travels and the nights trivialities, that I hadn't stopped to think of them.

The likes of Ruth, Sam Smilz, Charlotte, Grace and Penninah will have all been back at work. Teaching in searing heat, or in warm tropical downpours, or sitting in plain cool classrooms waiting for lessons to begin.

It still hasn't escaped my mind that upon my arrival back in the UK - in around three and a half hours - I need to email/text the aforementioned people to announce my safe arrival. Such an action, I believe, is a necessary part of creating a sense of sustainability in the Partnership with both staff and students.

In addition to this I still have the journey home from Heathrow to Wimbledon - how jealous am I of Stefan and Karina for being able to stay for two weeks longer than the rest of the William Morris collective? How jealous am I of Grigorios for being able to afford to come back in August for an entire month?

There is also a new housemate waiting at H--- Drive for me to meet and greet - I am not really in the mood for it to be fair. Right now, I only really want to relax in a decent double bed - it seems like the only compensation for not being back in the red dirt of Kabale, eating matoki and ground nut sauce.

[Here the Diary Ends]

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