Friday, December 04, 2009

The Uganda Diaries: Entebbe Backpackers' Hostel, Entebbe - 21.45 14/04/2009

I have just returned to my room having made the ill-fated decision to join the drinkers' and smokers' table outside. Amongst the people at this table was a young Ugandan - an Entebbe local.

With no reason at all this guy took an instant dislike to me after I had been joking around with Frasier.

He persisted to hail me with insults including, "I really hate this guy Tom" and "Tom is as bad as Lucifer." Greg fought my corner well, but due to my tired state and rapidly diminishing temperament I took the decision to leave the table to avoid the possibility of a problem.

The incident has narked me, but Greg insists that he was mentally ill - so why is he smoking drugs and then drinking? Anyway, Greg reported him and it transpires that he is the owner's son and that he has also written me a letter saying "f--- off!" How rude.

Note: This entry is written as it appears in my diary fresh in the moment. Upon reflection I have forgiven the boy. He later caused a royal ruckus when he appeared naked in the teachers' dorm at 4am. Far from being angry, it perhaps highlights the lack of provision for people in need of specialist psychiatric care in Uganda and the general opinion that they are to be hidden away.


Chartreuse said...

Hmm, that is the most unsavoury detail from your visit to Uganda. Rather peculiar!

T.S. Ó Ceallaigh said...

Yeah. It's funny about how angry/upset I was about it, but when I came to revisit it, it made me sad for the boy. :-(

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