Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Uganda Diaries: Sharp's Island, Lake Bunyonyi - 15.20 11/04/2009

So we have landed, pitched our tents and we are now sitting in the sun. The boat journey from the shore of Lake Bunyonyi nearest to Kabale took about thirty minutes and was one of the most pleasurable journeys one could have on water.

The sun is shining warmly and the scene all around is one of serenity. It is how I imagine Saint Lucia to be; small island, hot sunshine, basic bars and warm bathing water.

I am dangling my feet in the warm water of the lake and I can feel my arms burning under the intensity of the sunlight.

Around me I have Adam, who is currently fashioning a fishing rod from some green wood, Nick De Souza, reading "Dreams from My Father",  and Greg and Jeff who are swimming.

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