Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Uganda Diaries: Green Hills Hotel, Kabale - 18.37 10/04/2009

The air is cooler tonight;or is it just the time of night? There is a gentle breeze rustling the taller branches of the distant eucalyptus trees. The valley still has some light and is slowly filling with the haze of respiring trees. The haze, at present, fails to block a clear view of the snake in the road on the opposite hill; the same snake upon which myself, Grigorios and Hanka had stood at 9.30am this morning.

The light exposes the details of the emerald landscape opposite; the soft lines of the treetops, the moderately sharper lines of the terraces and the small, but conspicuous, blemishes made by the small dwellings hugging the hillside.

Yet, to spend this time talking of the hills and the light thus is to disregard the spetrum of azure and grey inhabiting the skies above.

Today has been a wonderful day. Owing to it being Good Friday, we went to church for a service of thanks for what we have done in the school over the last week. My little friend Charlotte led a touching prayer to say thanks. She injected a sharp dose of passion into her words! Amen!

She wanted to "talk with me" but I failed in my mission to find her again throughout the remainder of the day - I hope that I find her tomorrow; she is an intelligent girl and want to ensure that this is recognised! I left in something of a rush having been scooped up by Penninah to be shown her house and to be introduced to her children, Enid's children and the rest of the neighbours' kids too.

We drank tea, or rather took tea, upon the arrival of Liz, Cassie, Lucy and Karina. Prior to their arrival I had been teaching them the game "Grandmother's Footsteps" which kept them entertained for a good half an hour.

So, a boda-boda ride later, I am relaxing outside on the balcony, looking out across Kabale. Beautiful.

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