Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Uganda Diaries: Kigezi High School, Kabale - 09.56 07/04/2009

I am writing within the staffroom of Kigezi High School following my first lesson of the day. I taught Senior 3C. The main focus of the lesson was to get the students thinking creatively - a skill seldom toyed with in Ugandan education.

The focus was on free-writing, drama and summary writing. It seemed to go very well - despite the strange resources; a half-brick, a plant, a palm leaf, a pebble and a freshly picked mushroom.

The activity worked well to get their creative juices flowing - some students seemed to struggle when given such free reign in a lesson. They didn't understand that they were allowed to be silly and to "think" for themselves. It is the way of Ugandan education to sit and take notes as a teacher talks, on occasion, endlessly.

Luckily, to assist with the creativity, I had Rebecca and Ruby (a Performing Arts student).

I honestly believe that Penninah could use the model of a lesson designed to stretch her students' higher order skills and thinking skills. Now for tea.

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