Friday, May 08, 2009

The Uganda Diaries: Over Europe - 23.27 02/04/2009

Above Europe, on the Plane
23:27 - Thursday 2nd April 2009

Dinner has been served and we're now, as The Byrds would say, 'Eight Miles High'. The usual "oh, you're a coeliac" conversation ensued at serving time - I have become accustomed to it. Anyway, the resultant scramble resulted in me having to east a meal from Business Class - roast lamb cutlets and vegetables. My Mother would be proud!

So, as I write, I am enjoying a mini-bottle of PRIEUR DES JACOBINS and listening to Oasis playing at the Electric Proms. An altogether pleasurable experience. 

I have Carrie to my right (a teacher from another school and a former William Morris student) and Rebecca N- from my tutor group and AS Language and Literature class. A nice couple of thorns for this rose to be between — I jest.

I managed to speak to a few people on the phone from the departures lounge. I am missing her already.

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