Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Uganda Diaries: Green Hills Hotel, Kabale - 22.24 05/04/2009

So I have been meaning to write all day but many things have conspired against me - none of them quite as serious as that introduction may have implied.

The day started a little fuzzily after the four 100ml whiskey and Stoneys that I had last night. After clearing my head somewhat and, with the aid of four bananas, getting some energy into my system, we made for Kigezi High School for 'chapel'. This was not chapel as we know it. There was singing, dancing, clapping, a thousand "Praise the Lords" and a smattering of "hallelujahs". The atmosphere was a million mils away from the dour normality experienced within the regular Holy Roman Catholic Church in the UK.

After three hours of chapel a desperate phone call came. Raj, and the rest of the group that had decided against attending chapel, were waiting outside and had been since about three minutes into the preacher's one hour and fifteen minute talk. Thermostat or thermometer I ask?

A large buffet was awaiting us back at Green Hills, the majority of which I couldn't really eat. It was splendid though to meet all of the teachers, staff and students - one of those networking occasions that many shier Thomas Kellys wouldn't have coped with!

After a trip to the Little Ritz with Jeff, a phone call home and walk to town and back, a rather packed, but calm, day was over.

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