Monday, April 27, 2009

Hanka and Tash Do Modern Art

In fairness, it was tame as far a 'practical jokes' go, and perhaps for this reason I found it very funny. I came into work this morning after a busy weekend of not a great deal except cricket, to find that my desk had been turned into some kind of bizarre modern art installation.

Gone was lovely my clear desk and in its stead was every text from my bookshelf, a Boggle set, a Santa hat, a load of Scrabble sets and whatever else the clandestine artistes could lay their hands on.

After a very brief investigation, my 'mole', intimated that Tash and Hanka were the last to leave the office on Friday night and so they could be credited for this masterpiece.

Perhaps the best part of the whole thing was the Supported Study Request note addressed to 'The Kelly', sent by 'The Lord'. I didn't realise Jesus worked in the same building as me, but it is clear that he does after that note. Anyway, in the style of many students, I skipped Supported Study in favour of an early night.

Click on the picture to see the full-size wonder of Tash and Hanka's installation.

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