Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lahore Cricket Attacks

I am passionate about my Cricket. I am often so passionate about cricket that I can happily sit watching an amateur team play for hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon. So passionate that habitually I spell Cricket with a capital 'C'. So passionate that I am willing to make a fool of myself playing badly for a team called the 'Swinging Googlies'.

I am also passionate about fair play; perhaps a value instilled in me by my parents, and yet something very important in when playing cricket to the letter of the law.

Imagine then my reaction this morning when I turned on BBC News to discover the appalling nature of the terrorist attacks on the Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan. Forget the fact that they are cricketers and consider them, and the policemen riding shotgun, as mere mortals; human beings doing a job.

What these terrorists have carried out is a callous, callous act. Not only have they attacked innocent Pakistani men doing a civil duty and innocent Sri Lankan men trained in the art of providing sporting entertainment, they have stabbed a sharp blade through the heart of every Pakistani.

The Subcontinent is known for its passionate love of Cricket and now not only will Pakistan have to deal with the sadness of the loss of human life, it will now become a backwater to which no Cricketing nation will ever desire to travel, thus depriving the average Pakistani on the street of the enjoyment of watching the national pastime being played at the highest level.

My only hope is that what little support these eejits with guns actually had will now be finally eroded by this act against innocent men and sports stars. Let us root out these extremists now, before they kill their country.

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