Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day at The Oval

On my first Saturday in London I decided to do the only think that made any sense; I went to watch the cricket. Living where I do now, in Thornton Heath, I headed down to my local ground, the magnificent BritOval in Kennington. 

This weekend Surrey were playing Sussex in the County Championship and the match was set at one point to perhaps be Surrey's first win of the season. Alas, it wasn't to be as Sussex stayed in bat and got a draw.

The main reason for going, other than seeing Mark Ramprakash batting, was simply just to say that I'd been. The weather was beautiful, but Ramps was out before I even got to the ground. Damn it! The heat and the Scrumpy made the afternoon something special and the atmosphere was exceptionally lively for that of a four-day game.

If I'm lucky I'll catch another match before the end of the season.

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