Monday, May 21, 2007

The Abandoned Soldiers

I can't help but be moved by the plight of the 'abandoned soldiers' as highlighted in the BBC's Power to the People documentary tonight.

A temporary monument  in London.
It is difficult to comprehend why soldiers that have made sacrifices for the country in which we live - many suffering from limb-loss and mental issues - are not afforded a better quality of medical care and support. 

It seems that the lessons of yesterday have still not been learnt. The lessons learnt when the likes of Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen wrote of the horrors of trench warfare and the poor conditions for soldiers was brought into the public conciousness.

I have no solution to offer for this situation as I don't know enough about it, but I do support the permenent erection of a bronze memorial in London to honour those soldiers who return alive and injured. 

Something like this may help to raise further into the conciousness of British society the realities of serving in the British Army. May something be done to help them and give them the treatment and dignity they deserve.

To find out more about the fund go to: Photograph © 2007 The Abandoned Soldier Project.

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