Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Don't Move! @ The Jug and Jester

Having seen Mason and Joe play acoustically at Moo in the Summer and being duly rather impressed I jumped at the chance to go see them, along with their newly acquired drummer, 'going electric'. No-one shouted"Judas" though - this is what we'd been waiting for! As their name would dictate as soon as the set started no-one was going anywhere - except my loser bandmates from Soviet Jetstream. Its okay though Graham, I'll consider staying to play at your wedding if my solo stuff goes nowhere!

Anyway, I think I put my feelings to Mason after the gig something like:
"That was great, it sounded like The Byrds in a head on collision with Love and then The Doors picking up the pieces."
And to be fair that sums it up for me. There is the song-writing drive of the Byrds pre-Notorious Byrd Brothers with the cross-picking jangle of the Clarence White-era Byrds. There is though a lack of the candy-coated nature of some early Byrds stuff and with the edgy bass and jazzy beats elements of The Doors' sound and demonic nature of Love's chord changes.

Basically this band are my kind of music. If I was the leader of a band I would wanna sound like this. Sod your indie-swagger rock, this music is where it's at. Musical sensuality with a sour twist of lemon. Order me one.
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