Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What a Stupid Day

Today was a stupid day. Did my second teaching session which went really well. Again got commented on that I look/act like a REAL teacher so that was nice. Only criticism was that I didn't ask if people knew what Macbeth actually was and instead assumed some prior knowledge. Luckily everyone did know! Hurrah!

So the bad points: Had a bad nights sleep last night and woke up far too early; got fed up with people being rude during other people's lessons and despite bollocking two women, one of them was playing up again today; got ran into by some idiotic woman whilst walking home.

The incident with the car involved me about to walk across the road on campus when a car pulled round the corner at about 10 mph and headed towards me. Because there was a barrier that cars have to stop at I assumed she would slow down and walked out. Did she slow down? No. A had to shuffle back two steps quickly and yet she still hit me - she stopped about 50cm from the barrier. I just stood there in amazement with my arms out and declared "What the f--- is wrong with you - you just f------ hit me!". She whispered "sorry" and looked shocked - she blatantly hadn't seen me! So to reiterate my annoyance I said "next time look where you're driving you stupid b----" and walked off. She was the final straw today.


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