Friday, September 01, 2006

Looking into the Leamington Tornado

On Thursday 17th August whilst riding to work at Kantar Operations on Tachbrook Park Drive, Leamington Spa I was taken aback when I thought I saw a tornado. I was riding in the direction of Warwick Gates when in the distance there appeared to be a tornado. I must admit I was originally skeptical of it being a tornado as it wasn't actually touching the ground (as far as I could see) and just had the appearance of a small kink in the clouds - by this I mean that there was no evidence of it moving in a cyclic motion.

Later though I was to discover that this was actually a tornado courtesy of the BBC's website ( The website describes:
The funnel cloud was spotted during the evening rush hour on Thursday as torrential rain swept in. Eye witnesses said the tornado lasted a number of minutes and appeared to finish in countryside near Warwick and Leamington Spa.
Additionally, upon trawling the net further, I came across a weather discussion forum ( whereby a short video of the tornado, taken from near Harbury (a village just outside of Leamington Spa), was available to download. To take a look click here.

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