Friday, May 26, 2006

Life With The Lions

What does the self-proclaimed Empress do when her court no longer appears to support Her? She confides in Judas and searches for a new palace where all remnants of the Regression of Society and the Revolutionaries can be excluded - where she and the Prince Consort may live in a palace of ice surrounded by their own isolation.

What does the Empress do then once the dream of the ice palace melts before Her eyes? In a fit of realisation does She mourn the position into which She has put Herself? No. She sends for the absent Prince Consort and weeps. Weeps not for the loss of something that has now perished but instead weeps like a child that hasn't got their own way.

What does the Empress do when realises that all that has befallen Her is of Her own construct? Nothing, for She does not reason that it is Her doing that gets Her to this position. She continues to exist, awaiting the arrival of the Prince Consort, in the old Palace in the false state of mind that She in fact holds all the aces.

The aces, my friends, are held only by Judas, the Regression of Society and the Revolutionaries.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cemetary Path

Picture taken whilst walking towards the Locomotive (a pub) along the dusty cemetary path. Looks trés vieux without any real intent for it to do so! Nice.
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