Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Daniel Rachel et al @ Moo, Leamington Spa

Okay then, so the official billing was Budapest, Daniel Rachel, and then Slybob. My feelings would have seen the order of this gig re-arranged to something like this; Slybob, Budapest and then Daniel Rachel. Heres why.

Whereas the apparent headliners had the flashy website to try and promote themselves shamelessly, Rachel sold himself by standing alone on stage, with his guitar, and playing songs that where no-where near as pretentious as Slybob. Simply speaking walls of sound disguising overt self-belief were demolished by the short and skinny sound of acoustic honesty.

Rachel comes across as an intellectual observer of events that surround everyday life, as well as events that may have happened in the past (his own or the more distant). In many ways his last number of the night, 'Bucket and Broom', exemplified this perfectly with its Dylanesque musical and lyrical delivery spliced with a distinct Brummie lilt.

I will not take anything away from Budapest, the opening act, who's eclecticism of sound eclipsed that of the headliner's also. Their unique sound, something akin to an edgier version of the emotional 'indie-rock' of Embrace. The depth of musical talent (Cellist, Multitasking keyboardist et cetera in addition to a regular rock four-piece) made for a very strong sound in amongst the hubbub of the Sunday-night drinkers at Moo.

Rachel is well worth a listen if you get the time. His new single, 'Pearl', (which I blagged at a cut price due to a lack of change) is also well worth a download if you have iTunes - if not catch him on tour.

Daniel Rachel online: http://www.danielrachel.com/

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